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Explore the wonders of the Gobi Desert by travelling to the following locations: Ongiin Khiid Monastry, Bayanzag where dinosaur bones and eggs were found and trek with your camels along the Mongol Els Sand Dunes. You will also trek with your camel to Bag Gazrin Chuluu, Delgeriin Chior Monastery, Yoliin Am, Khongoriin Sand Dunes, Saigan Ovoo, Ongiin Monastery.

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You want to see the desert they way the people from the Gobi do? By exploring the desert while sitting on the back of a Bactrian Camel you do not only discover the wonders and hidden corners of the Gobi, you get a sense of how the desert people live in this vast inhospitable area.

Pass the ruins of Ongiin Khiid Monastry and ride along the tiny little river cutting this massive in two equal parts, reach Bayanzag where dinosaur bones and eggs were found and trek with your camels along the impressive Mongol Els sand dunes.

This amazing trip brings you to the limit of human living conditions.



We offer following camel riding expeditions:

5 days - The wonders of Sambala Monastery by Camel

15 days - Exploring the Gobi on a Bactrian Camel

15 days - Exploring Western Mongolia on a Bactrian Camel

All tours can be customized.




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