Camel Tour in Khamariin Khiid Monastery - 5 days

DAY 1: The Trans-Mongolian Train
DAY 2: Khamariin Khiid Monastery
DAY 3: Camel Trek in Desert
DAY 4: Camel Trek to Zuunbayan
DAY 5: Train back to Ulaanbaatar
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White Camels

Detailed description

Trans-Mongolian Train

The Trans-Mongolian Train

Today we will embark on Trans-Mongolian train in the morning at 9:43 AM. Travel whole day on the famous railroad linking Moscow with Beijing. Get mingled with locals and be part of this incredible world famous rail adventure. It is an amazing experience. At 19:33 pm you’ll arrive in Sainshand, a town in east Gobi along railroad. A jeep will be waiting for you at railway station and bring you to the monastery area. A warm tea and food will welcome us.

(Family stay B, L, D)

Khamariin Khiid Monastery

Today we will explore the grounds of Khamariin Monastery (Sambala Khiid), you will discover petrified wood, dinosaur’s bones, Sambala energy complex, the cave monasteries. We’ll wander around in the beautiful, red coloured sand dunes. Khamariin Khiid was founded in 1822 by one of Mongolia’s most accomplished and forward-thinking masters, 17-year-old monk Danzanravjaa. At its height, the oasis at Khamriin Monastery supported around 500 monks and a substantial lay community. A poet, songsmith, dramatist, painter and naturopathic doctor, Ravjaa augmented the spiritual activity at Khamariin Khiid by instituting Mongolia’s first secular secondary and art schools, museum, library and theatre. The latter staged elaborate, operatic dramas with Buddhist themes each summer. The actors trained at the monastery and all of the costumes, sets and props were created in its workshops.

In 1938, the Soviet-led Red Army destroyed and looted almost everything at Khamariin Khiid. It was only through the remarkable foresight and courage of a Mongolian man named Tudev that 64 crates of Danzanravjaa’s texts, belongings and valuable gifts were buried in the desert for more than 50 years. To the north of the monastery lie a series of caves where monks would retreat and practice high level of meditation for 108 days (108 being a sacred number in Buddhism)

(Family stay B, L, D)

Khamariin Khiid Monastery
Camel and Jeep
Bactrian Camels Mongolia

Camel Trek in Desert

Today we will arrive at two humped camel breeding family and get introduced to their simple, humble, hard yet amazing way of life. Gobi Desert being the coldest desert of the world with cold wind blowing pretty much throughout whole autumn, winter and spring without any shelter exposed in plains demands extreme survival method of living. Gobi nomads are well-known for their hard working quality in whole Mongolia. We will experience the warm hospitality offered by the Mongolian families. For dinner we will be offered a typical Mongolian barbeque that will be prepared by nomads over hot stone. Those who want will have the opportunity to try the fermented camel milk if your travel dates are within right season. Our guide – translator will help us to forge contact with the local population.

(Family stay B, L, D)

Camel Trek to Zuunbayan

Today we will trek on our camels to Zuunbayan and visit this ghost town. It used to be a Russian military base, but since the Russians left, this town was abandoned. Now empty buildings are remaining. Experience the strange contrast of this abandoned ghost town in middle of Gobi. You will take the evening train back to Ulaanbaatar at 21:10 PM. Overnight in train.

(Overnight train B, L, D)

Sambaalai Monastery

Train back to Ulaanbaatar

We will arrive at 7:15 AM in Ulaanbaatar. You may take a city tour with us and enjoy free afternoon to catch up all the places you haven’t visited yet. You might as well check the beautiful cultural show enjoy the colourful and rhythmic Mongolian dance, throat singing & admire the contortionists.


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